Kafka Test Suite (Java)

One of the common issues that I had with Kafka was an integration test(Java). I was searching on the web for a library which will include not only Kafka broker but also Confluent Schema Registry. I didn’t find one, so I went to kafka-streams-examples and extracted classes needed for running Kafka cluster programmatically.
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Apache Kafka + Spring Cloud Task

Recently I was working on a piece of the project which required to perform a batch job, run application 1 time and once it successfully completed – terminate it. Spring Cloud Task fits perfect for this kind of requirement. Our usual stack of technologies is Spring Cloud Stream/Task and Apache Kafka. In my earlier posts, I showed you an example how to use Spring Cloud Stream + Apache Kafka. However, I never used Spring Cloud Task, so I start browsing for examples and… I found nothing. There is no example of Spring Cloud Task with Apache Kafka. At least I couldn’t find. So I dig into that and come up with a solution.
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