Kafka CLI – Maximize

I was lucky to use Landoop Lenses for a few weeks on my current project. This is a user-friendly Kafka UI tool, comes with a ton of functionality. I was able to inspect and query topic messages, delete and create topics, check the status of consumer groups, look at Avro schema, quickly count messages in the topic, etc. Everything was a few clicks away. Well, this happy story ends here, sadly it was decommissioned recently.
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Java Date few tips

One of the interesting challenges software developer experiences in his daily work life is – Time. Whenever it is related to project deadlines, benchmarking your application or Time in the application itself. In this post I will share with you few tips working with Date class in Java applications, specifically it’s limitations.
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Multi schemas in one Kafka topic

When working with a combination of Confluent Schema Registry + Apache Kafka, you may notice that pushing messages with different Avro schemas to one topic was not possible. Starting with Confluent Schema Registry version 4.1.0, you can do it and I will explain to you how.
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